Party Desserts

Party Dessert Balls or Cake Truffles

The pritiest one bite desserts!

Party Dessert Balls are favorites among brides, event planners, decorators, party hosts, and gourmet chocolate and candy lovers alike.

While the Coconut-Rum Dessert Ball is the most famous, there are countless other heavenly dessert balls — we know at least 50 different recipes, so nothing is impossible! You can surprise your guests with these delightful treats at any type of party, whether it’s a Bridal Shower, Wedding, Anniversary, Graduation, Kids Party, Birthday, Baby Shower, Gender Reveal Party, Beach Party, Family Reunion, Bachelor Party, Girl’s/Guys Getaway Weekend, Office Party, Holiday Celebration, Fundraiser Event, BBQ, or just a simple Dinner Party!

What are Dessert Balls?

Dessert balls are similar in appearance and size to truffle balls but are distinct because they are not typically made with chocolate ganache. They are ball-shaped variations of cakes, cookies, or any type of desserts, compressed into a single bite. Some people also refer to them as “Cake Truffles“. These little treats are real flavor powerhouses, offering the taste of the whole cake in just one bite. Despite containing all the flavors of a cake, they are simply called “balls” rather than mini cakes. They are elegant, pretty like jewels, and most importantly, very delicious!

Dessert balls are practical for parties because you don’t have to commit to eating a whole slice of cake to enjoy a treat. With these one-bite desserts, you can sample several desserts without overindulging. Even after a big meal, if you still crave something sweet, these small, one-bite balls are the perfect solution. Whether you’ve eaten too much at a family dinner or indulged in an all-night feast, one or two, or even three balls will surely hit the spot.

Party Dessert Balls
Coconut-Rum Party Dessert Balls

Available Dessert Ball Flavours:

  • Coconut-Rum Dessert Balls;
  • Gerbeaud Dessert Balls;
  • Oreo Dessert Balls;
  • Black Forest Dessert Balls;
  • White Forest Dessert Balls;
  • Bounty Dessert Balls;
  • more

For order any kind of Party Dessert Balls, please contact us. Thank you!

*Please note that dessert balls come without the handmade flower coasters, which can be ordered separately.

Do you have a special request?

Are you looking for Party Dessert Balls in Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Sugar-free, Keto, Nuts-free, Paleo or Vegan version? You are at the right place!

Upon request, we can prepare Party Dessert Balls in any of these versions, if the recipe allows. However, please note that the quality and taste may vary due to different ingredients.

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