Custom Cake Toppers

Custom Cake Toppers and Cake Messages

Perfect for any events!

Cakes are an inseparable part of birthdays! Such a beautifully prepared or just a funny sweet delicacy enhances the joy of the celebration and makes the birthday person feel extra special and loved! Birthday cakes and short messages on a birthday cake go hand in hand. A lovely birthday cake message is enough to cheer you up and lift your spirits. In the case of larger cakes – depending on the design – there may be enough space to write on the top of the cake, but the really good solution was brought by the appearance of a new trend, the Cake Topper, with which we can even display longer and clearly visible  messages on the top of the cake.

A cake topper can add an elegant look and shine to the cake and highlight the person being celebrated even more. You can make your cake more memorable and unique by adding a name, numbers or a sweet message. From pretty fonts to smart designs, it’s easy to add some unique details to the topper, such as an image (e.g. flower, cross, rings, etc.) that really makes the cake stand out and reflects your vision.

Our simple “Happy Birthday Custom Name” and other theme oriented custom designed cake toppers waiting for your orders. And if you are interested in nice, funny or trendy messages to write on a birthday cake, this blog post is for you! Get personalized birthday cake messages, wishes and wording ideas here (coming soon, thank you for your patience)!

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Happy Birthday Custom Cake Topper

Cake Topper Sizes

We offer cake toppers in two sizes,  6″/15 cm and 7″/~18cm in width.

These cake toppers are made from thick glitter or colour cardstock and attached to a 7-inch tall, food-safe bamboo stick(s) (some designs may require 2 sticks for stability).

When you make an order, please choose the size and colour. Your custom text (name) will be made in the same design (font) as shown in the photo. Glitter or colour is only on the front side, the back is matte white or black.

Personalized Cake Toppers

Custom orders in different themes are always welcome! We love making your extra ideas come true.

Please message us with the theme, size and colours you had in mind! If you have a picture about your wish please also send it to us.

Happy Birthday Custom Cake Topper

Delivery Options

The cake topper can be picked up at our Pick Up Point in Barrie, or it can be delivered by Canada Post which is usually takes 2 – 9 business days in CANADA (about 10 – 14 business days in the USA) and also does not include a tracking number. Please keep in mind these delivery times before you order to be sure about arriving on time. Please, also keep in mind that return and exchange is not acceptable. However, if you have any problems with your order, please feel free to contact us!

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