Handmade Fruit and Nut Belgian Chocolate Bar

Handmade Fruit and Nut Belgian Chocolate Bar


Handmade chocolate bars with Belgian white, milk, dark or extra dark chocolate topped with a selection dried fruit, roasted nuts or flavourful freeze dried fruit slices, cubes or crumbles.

The chocolate bar can be customized according to the occasion with different messages, such as “Congratulations!”, “I love you!”, “Happy Birthday!” etc.

For vegan friendly (dairy free) option choose our dark and extra dark chocolate bars.


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white, milk, dark, extra dark


freez-dried strawberry slices, roasted pecans, dried cranberries, decor sugar, dried fig, cashew, cocoa rice crisps, pine apple and shredded coconut, freez-dried strawberry cubes, freez-dried mango cubes


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