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    The original Sacher cake was made in 1832

    The original Sacher cake was made in 1832 by Franz Sacher, a 16-year-old kitchen assistant in the kitchen of the Viennese palace of Prince Metternich. Because of the chef’s illness, he was commissioned to make some special cake. The Sacher cake has since become the national pride of the Austrians. The cake made at this time consisted of two layers of dense, not too sweet chocolate sponge cake, between which was a thin layer of apricot jam. The top and sides were covered with a dark chocolate coating. It was traditionally served with whipped cream, as the Sacher cake alone would be too dry.

    The Composition:
    Our Viennese Sacher chocolate cake is made with the classic apricot jam filling but not only one jam layer but with two jam layers, so the cake won’t be dry. The cake is covered in dark chocolate ganache, decorated with flavoured whipped cream harmonizing with the cake, chocolate covered dried apricots and golden mini dark chocolate bars.

    Our Sacher cake even made on demand with Orange | Apple | Raspberry | Strawberry | Blueberry | Blackberry | Cherry flavors.

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