Custom Chocolate Favours

Chocolate Favours

Perfect for any events!

You might pick out edible favours for any type of party that are great for everyone at a wedding, for a birthday party, for an anniversary party, or even for any event you’ll be hosting. No more unusable collectables little things, only enjoyable delicious flavour experiences.

Our Handmade Selections of Belgian Chocolate Bonbon selected by you from your favourite flavours, with our personalized chocolate box with the initials of the people being celebrated (for example the bride’s and the groom’s) make the events so much more memorable. These boxes full with your favorite bonbons can be the perfect wedding favours.

Shop at Andrea’s Artisan Chocolates
where you can find not only delicious, but customizable chocolate favours
for any special occasion!

Contact us and let us know your idea of how you would like to thank your guests for honoring you at your party. Chocolate is always a good choice to express our thanks.

Choose from our range of chocolates like bonbons, chocolate bars, snacks, homemade marshmallows, etc. and we also help with the packaging that suits your occasion.
If you have a picture of what you would like, please send it to our email address, but if you don’t have any ideas, you are still in the right place, we can help you with our creative solutions.

Personalized Thank You Gifts

You’ll love that our chocolate gift boxes of favours come with excellent personalization options.

By adding names, dates and phrases can make your favours so much more memorable and unique. From pretty fonts to smart designs, it’s easy to add some unique details to your favours such as cutting a window with your favorite image on the top of the chocolate box makes your favours really stand out and reflects your own ideas.

Wedding Favours

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