About Us

About Us

Welcome to Andrea’s Artisan Chocolates

Our Story

Our story began sometime in 2009, when my husband and I met on a photography forum through our common hobby of photography, although we lived on two far continents. My husband was already living in Canada at the time, and I was working as an IT engineer in a Hungarian ministry in Budapest.

Information Technology and Baking

Despite my technical profession, I’ve always loved creative things such as cooking and baking which have been one of my favorite pastimes since I was a child. This multifaceted interest still helps me a lot in my work, as I know how to combine creativity with the possibilities offered by modern technology when I bake a cake, then take pictures from it and publish it on the websites that I designed and built myself.

The Chocolate Study

I have started making chocolate desserts as a hobby since 2013, when I finished my first chocolate making course at the Hungarian Szamos Marzipan Chocolate School, which is also famous all over Europe. I studied chocolate making such as filled bonbons, truffles, chocolate bars and “Cherry Queen” (cognac cherry bonbon) from the best masters of Szamos to the delight of my family and friends. My chocolate products were also available at the Christmas fairs in my hometown.

The big Changes

In 2019, I ended our two-country life and I moved to Canada to my husband, but not only changed continents, but lifestyles as well. I have been cooking Keto (low carb, gluten-free and sugar-free) foods and desserts to ourselves for two years, the recipes of which I regularly share on my other website, Andrea’s Keto World. Our friends and neighbours could have already tasted some of these guilt-free cakes and bonbons I made when I have presented them for Christmas, anniversaries or on the occasion of marriage. Our friends were happy and they liked my treats.

Borning of our Business

People love to get delicious and unique handmade chocolates as a gift, and they want to taste more and more new flavors as well. When someone wanted to order two boxes of cream filled bonbons from me, that was the moment when Andrea’s Artisan Chocolates was born as a business in my husband’s head: “Why don’t you make chocolates for everyones’ pleasure?!” I’m lucky because my husband helps me a lot in starting this business, so we are a fantastic two-person team.

Our handmade chocolates creations’ recipes like stuffed and dipped bonbons, pralines and truffles; lollipops; chocolate bars or many cakes’ recips are the creations of my own imagination for your enjoyment.

Although, we fight against excessive carbohydrate consumption, I believe that a little treat from a special, unique and best quality chocolate or a piece of guilt-free dessert is enough to make us a little happier and more satisfied every day.

Now, here is the time to get to know my chocolates in Canada for more people as well.




Our Expansion

Andrea’s Artisan Chocolate started as a chocolate-making company at the foundation time, but due to the interest, we expanded from the spring of 2022. Since then we also make homemade cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, puffpastries, Ecklers, etc, to order. From this moment we renamed ourselves to Andrea’s Artisan Chocolate & Cakes and our logo also had changed and became more colorful. Please, accept this with love:

New Opportunities

From the fall of 2022 we will also be available with  our products at the Barrie Farmers’ Market. Please, visit us there. Our selection also includes “Guilt-free Cakes”, such as gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free or completely Keto, Paleo versions on request.

Please, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see our newest chocolate and cake creations.

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