Hot Chocolate Stirrers

A hot chocolate during a tiring work day, or after an afternoon walk either on cold winter evenings? Sounds good, doesn’t it?

With the Hot Chocolate Mixer, you can conjure up the atmosphere of special hot chocolates in cafés with Andrea’s Artisan Chocolate in no time. With these Hot Chocolate Mixers, the easiest way to make hot chocolate for yourself is with food, milk, or white chocolate, or even mixed chocolate sticks.

Just heat 1.5-2 dl of fatty milk in a mug and put the chopsticks in it. Enjoy while stirring, the chocolate becomes one with the milk and you can already sip.

You can choose the Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate Mixer without flavoring or with orange, rum or cardamom flavorings, while the white chocolate with lyophilized strawberries.

Looking for a vegan hot chocolate option? Simply use your favorite milk-free milk!

Taste them all!

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